Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9.11. and beyond

I made it through the 9.11 weekend. How about you? Sunday morning we had a great worship service that included honoring and appreciating our local fire fighers and police officers. I think our small effort of thanks made them feel good. And I have to think they're going to enjoy the grill and the plasma TV, as well as all the goodies that went with them.

Sunday night, Jeanette and I were crashing on the couch as I flipped channels. We turned to CBS and were stunned for 90 minutes as we watched video footage of a 9.11 documentary that we had never seen before. Evidently the documentary was to be the maturing of a brand new New York City fire fighter. The fellow they were chronicling had started his fire-fighting assignment just days before 9.11 in a station that was near the World Trade Center. It was mesmerizing and brought back a lot of buried emotions.

Yesterday on the actual anniversary, I just went about my day. No real emotional ups or downs.

But there was one great blessing that happened yesterday. The Redskins lost to a team they were supposed to beat. Since it looks like another losing season, I can disengage early. It frees up a lot of Sunday afternoon time. If they were good I'd feel like I had to watch and follow them. If they're lousy, then it is so much easier to just release and simply root against the Dallas Cowboys.

Hope you have an uneventful day.


Blogger Jerri said...

I was more emotional than I thought I would be, too! We saw some of the footage that we hadn't seen before, and even the old footage brought us back to the way we felt in 2001, watching the people's horror and grief! I appreciated what you said Sunday--that our lives have pretty much gone on a lot more normally than we thought they would have Sept.12,2001. That was a comforting realization.

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