Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Last Will and Testament

In the tradition of our Restorational Fathers, today I am writing the last will and testament of my blog. After much consideration and dealing with personal guilt, today will be the last entry in this blog.

Though I have enjoyed writing this blog and have appreicated the many comments it has received, I feel that right now to be most effective in my job I need to stop blog writing. Currently it's impossible for me to give "the blog" the attention it needs. But more importantly at the moment I need to be giving other areas of my life and mission more time and energy.

So thanks for reading.

Show Jesus,

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I finished reading Bill Hybels book Just Walk Across The Room. It was very motivational and shared helpful information on how to become active in sharing your faith. Hybels believes its as simple as walking across the room. Hybels may be one of the best one on one "sharers of faith" I've ever encountered. If you are interested in developing your capacity and desire to become more outreach oriented, this book is extremely helpful.

I will be preaching about personal outreach in mid January.

This past week has been an emotional rollar coaster for many of us, especially me. One of our members and a dear friend, was diagnosed with cancer. His name is Bob Roth and he's the father of five children 12 and under. Bob is the picture of health, but a jogging injury sent him to the doctor and the doctor sent him to have an MRI and what was thought to be a tendon injury turned out to be something far worse. The initial reports are extremely hopeful, but please pray for Bob, Teresa and their children. Bob, age 42, will have a hip replacement this week and then begin chemo therapy as soon as possible.

Hallel was here this past Sunday and theh energy and worship was inspirational. It was a great day of worship. Thanks to Murray for having the vision to bring them here.

Enjoy your Tuesday.